Wheat, tomato and almost cheese free lasagna




Sausage rolls at last


I have discovered the cheats answer to gluten free sausage rolls. Yes I could make them myself, but by the time I have worked out how to make gf pastry that sticks together and actually behaves like pastry this is my best option.

I purchased at my local farm shop which stock a large selection of free from products. Ready cooked and then frozen, they last well and are easy to defrost and warm up and they are actually nicer than ‘normal’ sausage rolls as they are not greasy like is quite often the way. I had to fight my son (3) over it!!

They were purchased for picnics so just need to go and buy more before tomorrow!!


Let me eat cake

After a short shopping trip to the local garden centre with the hubby, we decided on a quick and rare lunch date, as usually is the case I end up with chilli as is always the only rice option on the menu, I was excitedly surprised to find gluten free cake staring at me from the shelf!! Even though I didn’t need any I still bought it and saved for my afternoon tea.

After a very strenuous afternoon of shovelling stones, ok I did the watching and the hubby did the shovelling, we finally sat down to test said cake.


It claims to be gluten free, but you’d never know and they are right, might as well be a Bakewell and very yummy. I shouldn’t eat sugar as well as gluten but I’m aloud a treat every so often, for testing purposes of course.

Well done The Handmade Cake Company.




Yummy wraps from the foodamentalists, after a hard day filling our skip, a bacon and egg wrap was just what was needed, I did have a cheeky bit of ketchup too.


Chicken and quinoa bake

The challenge- to find something other than tuna salad that I could take to work for my lunch, we have a microwave so really not restricted at all.  After a bit of experimenting, I came up with a chicken and quinoa bake.

first, cook the quinoa, 2 parts water to 1 part quinoa, add a bit of a stock cube, i cant have yeast so I use the kallo yeast free veg cubes.

Fry up some onions, add garlic and courgettes, then add chicken

add some water and chuck in some veg, frozen or tinned work best.

add black pepper, salt, mixed herbs to taste

add the cooked quinoa and pour into an oven proof dish

sprinkle with cheese,  I can only have mozarella, then I add some rice crumbs for a little crunch

cook until cheese melted

serve with a crisp green salad

alternatives- use sausage instead of chicken, and ass mustard powder for an extra kick, you could add tinned tomatoes also but i cant eat them.

i normally batch cook this at the weekend, and freeze ready for work